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Hanrun Extremely Instant Dry Sublimation Paper

For traditional type sublimation paper we would have to wait a few minutes after printing, or we need to turn on the heater for the paper to dry. But the outcome is not satisfying especially for users in high humidity area. So we have developed this extremely instant dry paper to remedy this situation.

Let me introduce you our advanced technology for  Extremely Instant Dry Sublimation Paper:

›  Our coating layer absorbs the ink very quickly, while transfering the ink was released exactly the position it has been printed, lead to significantly fast drying and  perfect line sharpness. While other sublimation paper are using swellable technology, the ink lays on top of the paper resulting slower drying and blurred lines. 

›  Our coating technology allows the coating layer spreads evenly on the base paper, this ensures a perfect coating coverage and highly smoothness. When transferred to the final product, the image will be sharp and perfect.


Here is the video for testing 105gsm Hanrun Extremely Instant Dry Sublimation Paper.

Hanrun Sublimation Paper.png

As you can see in the video, the paper was completely dry in only a few seconds after printing, no curling, rich color bright image. With this product, you can improve your production efficiency easily.

Hanrun Sublimation Paper.png

Product features of Hanrun Extremely Instant Dry Sublimation Paper:

› Direct imaging physics, 100% transfer, not produce a chemical reaction

› Stable performance, long-term effective, no change of affinity for ink

› Dry when printing, waterproof, no need waiting after printing, it can greatly improve production efficiency

› Absorbs ink quick and dries instantly, Waterproof, High flatness, Specially microporous coated for brilliant, detailed color image reproduction

› Compatible with dye and pigment ink Compatible with all inkjet printer and copier, Epson is recommended. Suitable for Water Based Dye & Pigment Ink

Our products have been approved by FSC and OKEO-TEX standard, the quality is ensured and it is safe to be used on baby fabrics. Please contact us for further details. 

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