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Get the Right Printing Product for Your Business

The textile market is becoming more and more personalized, and more and more companies are choosing to use digital t-shirt printing machines in the textile printing industry. But it would be tricky for most business owners to get the right textile printing product for their business, such as heat transfer paper and inks. 


Production cost and decisive role of the textile printing machine nozzle are the most important and most expensive part of the textile printing machine.The nozzle has been used as a consumable material for several years, so it is necessary to consider the durability and replacement cost of the nozzle.

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About ink selection. According to the needs of printing, select the color quantity of the ink, and select four colors, six colors, eight-color inks, etc. The more inks, the better the printing color. The ink is selected according to the material of the fabric. Different fabrics use different inks. The correct color of the ink is used for the colorfastness, color, and performance of the fabric. It is resistant to acid, and the active ink is generally dispersed, coating, ink and so on.

Get the right ink for your printer, it will not only help you optimize your printing products but also help you improve the durability of your printer nozzle.  

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About heat transfer paper selection. High quality paper will improve your transfer rate, get better graphics for your product. The thickness of the paper should be even or it will hurt the nozzle and may get broken images. It might be the direct influence on your product. So it was critical to find an appropriate heat transfer paper for your business.

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Hanrun Paper Industrial is a high-tech manufacturing company with our own R&D division. We have our own sophisticated manufacturing line for sublimation paper and inks. Over the past 10 years we have developed various series of high quality products that will meet almost all kinds of requirements in this industry. Please use the contact below to send us an inquiry if you have any needs. 

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