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New In Water-based Digital Printing Film

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A coating factory with our own R&D division,3 coating line for normally production daily. The coating machine max can coat 3.2m wide sublimation transfer paper. A large line of production allows more orders to be accepted. 

We now offer Epson-SCF® sublimation paper, EVO® sublimation paper, Industrial Printer® Jumbo roll sublimation paper, Supreme Format® sublimation paper, Heavy weight sublimation paper, Hi-sticky® sublimation paper.


New In Water-based Digital Printing Film

WATER-BASED DIGITAL PRINTING FILM is a supplementary material and process to white ink and white glue for digital printing in dark fabric printing. The pattern printed on the WATER-BASED DIGITAL PRINTING FILM is colorful, matte, high precision, good color fastness, elastic and does not peel off. It is one of most environmentally friendly, economical and easy-to-use products on the market.


Materials: PU, PET

Length: 50m / Roll

Width: 40/50/60/75/100cm


  • High precision, no fading

  • Matte effect, colorful

  • Environmental safety

  • Soft, elastic and not cracking

Production Process


You can check the video of how to transfer by here



1.      Printing

(1)     Be sure to adjust the ink volume before printing.

(2)     Do not wrinkle the WATER-BASED DIGITAL PRINTING FILM before printing, and keep away from sweat or oil.

(3)     Before pressing, make sure that the garment is dry and flat.


2.      Washing

(1)     Wash the garment inside out after hot pressing for 24 hours and avoid washing with washboard.

(2)     Do not use strong detergents such as bleach.

(3)     Do not soak for too long.


3.      Use, storage, and packaging

(1)     Do not touch the surface of water-based digital printing film by hand.

(2)     Please seal it to keep away from moisture.

(3)     Please keep away from impurities.

(4)     Please keep away from alcohol and oil products.

(5)     The life-time at room temperature is 1 year.

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