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Why is the instant dry sublimation paper so popular?

Instant dry sublimation paper is a kind of coated sublimation paper but with extremely fast drying performance. Currently, the instant dry sublimation paper is very hot on the market. Why? Here come the reasons. 

1. Fast drying speed and high transfer rate. This is the great feature of the instant dry sublimation paper. It combines the fast drying performance of uncoated paper and the high transfer rate of coated paper, which allows it to be applied to most situations.

2. More suitable for industrial printers or multi-head printers. The industrial production both requires very fast drying performance and high transfer rate. This paper makes it possible and greatly increases productivity. It also applies to some small desktop printers, such as sawgrass, Ricoh, etc.

3. Brighter colors. With the two features mentioned above, it also can make sure even brighter colors, which has been proved after professional testing.


Good News

Hanrun Paper now provide the extreme instant dry sublimation paper to our clients. 

It can be used widely on polyester fabric, for fashion garment, digital textile, etc. 

Printer: Epson/Mimaki/Roland/Mutoh/MS/Reggiani/Durst/EFI/Dgen

Ink: Kiian, Sawgrass, J-teck, Original ink

Heat press machine: Flat heat press machine, calendar heat transfer machine

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3.45gsm jumbo roll sublimation paper

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