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60gsm Industrial printer jumbo roll sublimation paper


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We are top manufacturer of sublimation paper in China since 2009. We are professional sublimation printing supplier now.

We supply sublimation paper and sublimation ink for Fashion Apparels, Sportswear, Home Furnishing, Soft Signature, Hard Substrates, etc. 

The paper are Epson F-series sublimation paper, EVO sublimation paper, Industrial printer jumbo roll sublimation paper, Supreme format sublimation paper, Heavy weight sublimation paper, Hi sticky sublimation paper.

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60gsm Industrial Printer Jumbo roll Sublimation Paper for Fashion Apparels

The fashion market mainly focus on women’s clothing for international fashion brands. “Fast-fashion” is a quickly growing part of digital sublimation paper printing, where production is done exclusively on demand.

This fast-fashion market makes a new generation for sublimation printers which can print super fast. Digital printing has given companies worldwide the means to produce at competitive total cost of use, compared to the cost of analogue printing, which has a totally different cost structure.

To continue to serve the fashion market, Hanrun Paper offers EVO sublimation paper that meet the demands you face as an international digital paper printer. We help you in your quest to service the fashion market.

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- Good drying speed

- High print stability

- Anti-waving

- High transfer yield

- Best value


Let's look the details of the paper roll

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60gsm Industrial printer jumbo roll sublimation paper printing


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Tips for sublimation paper rolls

1. How to distinguish dye sublimation transfer paper print side?

A: Normally dye sublimation transfer paper rolls outside is print side. You can also use litter water to distinguish the print side. Sublimation paper coating layer felt sticky and adhesive.

2. How to store your sublimation paper rolls?

A: Sublimation paper rolls need be sealed, and the storage temperature around 10-30centigrade, humidity around 45-55%.

3. How long for sublimation paper use life?

A: Normal sublimation transfer paper rolls can be used for 1 year. Sticky sublimation paper can be used for 8months

4. How to keep sublimation paper keep smooth not touch your print head?

A: Make printing room humidity around 45-55%, use good quality sublimation paper.

5. How to avoid immigration when make sublimation transfer?

A: Sticky sublimation paper be better choice.

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