Hanrun Story


Our Vision

In Chinese culture, Hanrun represents "as vast as the sea", and never exhausted.

We are committed to providing the highest quality and best sublimation printing solutions to thousands of customers. "Transfer to digital, transfer to future" - As our slogan says, we will combine digital and traditional printing to inject our own strength into the advancement of traditional printing and sublimation industry. We aim to become a worldwide first-class and famous company in digital textile printing.



As the sublimation paper manufacturer, we are committed to continuously taking our social and environmental responsibilities. We strictly abide by business ethics. We are honest and trustworthy, and accountable to every customer. In addition, we realize that environmental protection is essential in the sublimation transfer industry. Since 2017, we have proposed the concept of “EVO Environmental Protection”, and the paper coatings we developed and produced have always been environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


Our development

In 2009, Dr. Allen Liu returned from Singapore and established Hanrun® Paper in a 30m2 office. In just five years, Hanrun® Paper obtained a trademark license in the United States and successfully entered the world market.

At the end of 2017, we started to invest in a new production line of heat transfer film. Today, Hanrun® Paper has a marketing center of nearly 500m2 in the Xuzhuang National High-tech Development Zone in Nanjing, and four high-speed sublimation coating production lines, which can produce the largest width-3.2m paper, and 40gsm to 140gsm sublimation paper.

Hanrun® Paper achieved rapid development in a very short period. Now our production lines cover sublimation paper, printer and ink, heat transfer vinyl, T-shirt transfer paper and eco-solvent transfer paper, lanyards and laser cutting machine. Our products are exported to over 50 countries around the world, and our partners are from all over the world. No matter which region you are in, we can provide you with the best service!

Corporate Responsibility 

Our story began in 2009. We have grown from a team of five people to a 40+ salesman today.

With the development of the textile printing market, Hanrun®  has established three branches.

They are HANRUN team, T2P team and SUB team.

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Hanrun Team Show


MT Team Show

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T2P Team Show


SUB Team Show

Hanrun® has her own testing division, guarantee every order keep stable. In the meantime, Hanrun® has her own marketing department, collect the latest market information to improve the whole quality.

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Technical Service Team

We are young and passionate, we love sublimation printing. It's amazing cute and unique.

Sublimation printing made us unlimited, through our daily life. Our personal idea is shown by sublimation transfer printing.

We are not only the supplier, we are the partner.

We participated in exhibitions in more than 30 countries and met many customers from various countries. Every exhibition is a harvest.



We work hard and standard, accurate, profession, and responsibility. Take care of every client feedback and gather. Not only selling but also do service to our customers.

Certification of Hanrun® Paper

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Honor of Hanrun® Paper


If you have any questions and demands, contact us for 24 hours!

E-mail: info@hanrunpaper.com

WhatsApp: 0086 18936865061

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