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Digital Textile Market Report

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Digital Textile Market Report

Further Global Expansion of Textile Digital Printing

In 2017, the textile digital printing industry continued to maintain its growth momentum on a global scale. This growth expansion not only indicates the arrival of new business, but also indicates that the technology penetrates into traditional printing by replacing old technology machines with new technology machines.

1. The sales of digital textile machinery helped drive the global digital printing fabric market to reach a production capacity of approximately 1.9 billion square meters.

2. Annual production increased by 22%.

3. The global share of textile digital printing in the printing industry has reached 5.5%.


The growth of textile digital printing is most pronounced in Asia and Europe

China, Italy, India, Turkey and the United States continue to dominate the use of digital textile printing and have shown steady growth over the past year. In 2017, the world's most prominent textile digital printing area is still in Europe and Asia, but textile digital printing continues to grow in smaller markets both inside and outside these regions.

For example, it is reported that in 2017, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and other Southeast Asian countries have high market growth rates. In Russia and Egypt, the government supports the improvement of the textile industry, which will drive new investment and prompt attention to the environmental impact of printing technology.

1. The production of digitally printed fabrics in the five major countries (China, Italy, India, Turkey and the United States) accounted for 47% of global production.

2. The market share in Asia and Europe is approximately 37% and 38% respectively.

3. In the next few years, China's investment in high-end machinery will show its impact on production.

4. Pakistan is the fastest growing market in East Asia and South Asia, with production increasing by 40% compared to 2016.


Digital sublimation transfer popularity

In the textile digital printing industry, sublimation transfer is still an important area. Sublimation transfer technology and direct sublimation printing solutions have become more popular due to lower cost and lower ink prices for sublimation printers. This trend is particularly evident in markets such as Turkey and Brazil that focus on meeting the export needs of fashion and sportswear.

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