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Whats the notes of the 50gsm-60gsm light weight sublimation paper usage?

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What's the notes of the 50/55/58/60gsm light weight sublimation paper usage?

There are most of people start to use light weight sublimation paper on their sublimation plotters.

And what's the notes of the 50/55/58/60gsm light weight sublimation paper in usage?


1. Pay attention to the printing environment humidity, usually request the printing room to have temperature and humidity control, it is best to control the humidity at 40-50%.

2. Pay attention to the ink loading, 50gsm-60gsm sublimation paper normally max accept 200% ink loading, and suit for flower designs.

3. Use good quality sublimation ink. 50gsm-60gsm light weight sublimation paper with little coating, need the sublimation ink be in wide tension not drop into base paper.

4. 50gsm-60gsm sublimation paper mainly suggested to use calender heat transfer machine. This paper mainly used in textile transfer printing. 

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