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Whats the application of large format sublimation paper 3.2m?

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What's the application of large format sublimation paper 3.2m?

Sublimation paper application to fashion apparels, sportswear, home textile, sign and displays, hard surface.

Hanrun Paper offer Epson-F series sublimation paper, EVO sublimation paper, Hi-sticky sublimation paper, Large format sublimation paper, Industrial printer jumbo roll sublimation paper. 

Large format sublimation paper application mainly used for home textile, and sign and displays. 


Hanrun Paper offer large format sublimation paper in 80gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm. 

80gsm, max width is 2.4m wide, this paper mainly used for home textile. 

100gsm, max width is 3.2m wide, this paper have wide application like sign and dispalys, home textiles, etc. 

120gsm, max width is 3.2m wide, this paper can get higher ink loading than 100gsm, and keep smooth when you printing higher ink loading. 

140gsm, max width is 3.2m wide, this paper is very thick, and have thick coating, can accept the much higher ink printing. This paper mainly used for advertisement. 


We have ship many large format sublimation paper to clients. 

3.2m sublimation paper pack (15).jpg

3.2m sublimation paper pack (16).jpg

Hanrun Paper supply high quality sublimation inks. 

A. Epson original sublimation ink for Epson F6000, F6080, F6200, F6280, F7280, F7200, F9200, F9280

B. Mimaki original sublimation ink of SB53, SB54, SB411, SB410

C. Kiian sublimation ink, HI PRO, HD ONE

D. J-next sublimation ink

E. Inktec sublimation ink of Sublinova Smart, Sure, Rapid

F. Kisco Papijet sublimatio ink of 402, 102

E. Best value sublimation ink made in China for DX5, DX4, DX7, 5113

Hanrun Paper is sublimation paper factory since 2009.

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