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What will happened if you use the bad quality sublimation ink?

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What will happened if you use the bad quality sublimation ink?

With the growth of the digital textile market, there have been many sublimation paper factories, printer factories, and sublimation ink factories. Today, we explain the point for sublimation ink.

It is now recognized that high quality inks are produced in Europe, such as Italy, brands such as J-teck, Kiian. But with the decline in overall prices, more and more users are beginning to use inks made in China. The quality of Chinese inks is uneven, with high quality and low quality.

For ink, the user will choose very carefully, because if the ink is not used well, it will affect the life of the print head, affecting the use effect and delivery time.

How do you judge that you are using high quality ink?

1. Excellent color gamut expressiveness.



2. Good fluency, not appear white line


3. High color density. 

We compare with black with Italy, the color show good.


4. Dry quick on the sublimation transfer paper


Hanrun Paper supply high quality sublimation inks. 

A. Epson original sublimation ink for Epson F6000, F6080, F6200, F6280, F7280, F7200, F9200, F9280

B. Mimaki original sublimation ink of SB53, SB54, SB411, SB410

C. Kiian sublimation ink, HI PRO, HD ONE

D. J-next sublimation ink

E. Inktec sublimation ink of Sublinova Smart, Sure, Rapid

F. Kisco Papijet sublimatio ink of 402, 102

E. Best value sublimation ink made in China for DX5, DX4, DX7, 5113

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