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How many types of heat transfer vinyl in China?

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How many types of heat transfer vinyl in China?

There are many types of heat transfer vinyl in the market. The general brand is Siser, Chemica and some brands in Korea. And in China, now appear many kind of transfer vinyls.

TOP1: PU heat transfer vinyl

PU heat transfer vinyl.jpg

This types of heat transfer vinyl with big market in the worldwide, mainly used for make customized t-shirts and some words label on the garment.

TOP2: Glitter heat transfer vinyl

Glitter transfer vinyl roll (5).jpg

This types of vinyl we called glitter heat transfer vinyl, it's shinely. A new generation of the htv vinyl world. 

TOP3: Reflective heat transfer vinyl

reflective heat transfer vinyl.jpg

reflective heat transfer vinyl (2).jpg

This type textile vinyl is appeared this year for many colors. Many brand like Nike, Adidas use this type of heat transfer vinyl make shoes and t-shirt.

Then, the Flock heat transfer vinyl, PVC heat transfer vinyl,  Fluorescent heat transfer vinyl, Hologram heat transfer vinyl also very hot in China. 

heat transfer vinyl (2).jpg

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