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How to use laser cutting machine well in higher efficiency?

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How to use laser cutting machine well in higher efficiency?

Laser cutting machine is a machine Instead of artificial machines, low defective, high working efficiency, no need management.

Simple principles were applied by laser cutting machine, use a camera take photos, then transfer to the computer, the software will give instructions to the laser head make cutting. 

Therefore, the camera need the clear line to Identify patterns and cutting lines. So, we need ask for designer use a 2-3mm wide line on the design outline.


And if you want to get quicker efficiency, you can consider add the feeding system of fabric roll. 


No need workers switching fabric, will increase the speed. 

Third, you can choose the different configuration for the machine. If your design is small, you can try to choose the 2 head laser cutter. If you make for sublimation sportswear, then you can try to get 2 machine with single head. 


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