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What is vision laser cutting machine for sublimation fabrics?

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What is vision laser cutting machine for sublimation fabrics? 

Vision laser cutting machine is designed to cut digital printing sublimation textile fabrics of all shapes and sizes.

There is a cameras above the machine, scan the fabric, detect and recognize printed contour, or pick up on printed registration marks and cut the chosen designs with speed and accuracy.

The conveyor and auto-feeder is used to keep cutting continuously, saving time and increasing production efficiency.

Vision Laser Cutting Machine Large Format Contour Recognition D1810S-2-LEFT SIDE.jpg

Currently, we have 2 types of laser cutter. One is single laser head laser cutting machine with cutting size at 1.8x1.2m, 1.8x1m. Another is dual laser head laser cutting machine with cutting size at 1.8x1.2m.

laser cutting machine sublimation sportswear (3).JPG

laser cutting machine sublimation sportswear (2).JPG

Clients use this machine cut for fabric design from the digital textile. Sublimation sportswear, Sublimation toys, lace, etc.

sublimation sportswear.jpg

What's the advantages of the laser cutting machine?

a. No limitation of graphic size or templates. 

b. One time shooting of camera, any complex graphics can be precisely cut. 

c. Through high precision camera one time imaging for the full format material, this system can directly extract patterns contour and automatic cut. 

d. It is the best automated solution for digital sublimation printing.

We are sublimation paper manufacturer since 2009. 

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Sublimation ink of Mimaki, Epson, Kiian, J-teck, Kisco, Inktec.

Sublimation printer of Epson, Mimaki.

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