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What is the difference between silk screen ribbon lanyards and sublimation transfer ribbon lanyards?

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What's the difference between screen ribbon lanyards and sublimation transfer ribbon lanyards?

Silk screen ribbons and thermal transfer ribbons are two common ways of making LOGO in production. 

What is the difference in actual use?

Silk screen webbing process and method: first select the webbing you like and then pour the ink on one end of the screen printing plate when printing. 

Apply a certain pressure on the ink part of the screen printing plate with the squeegee scraper. The other side of the screen printing moves. 

The ink is squeezed from the mesh of the graphic portion onto the substrate by the squeegee during movement. In this way, the ink is attached to the fabric. 

Therefore, there will be a strong ink sensation, and large-area printing will make the webbing hard and hard. 

The advantage of this webbing is its bright color. LOGO stands out. 


But, the disadvantage is that if the adhesion of the fabric is not strong, it is easy to fall off, especially in the case of washing or scraping. 

And because most of the webbing uses hand-screening. Overprinting LOGO is easy to be inaccurate. The output is not high.

Sublimation transfer in the production of webbing should be called sublimation strictly, and it is also the product of the post-Olympic era. 

Essence to print on the paper and then transfer it to the sublimation by heating. On the fabric. 

The ink after sublimation will penetrate into the fabric. 


Therefore, the lanyard produced by the sublimation transfer method does not appear to be discolored. 

But the color is not as obvious as silk screen. Because the lanyard that is the transfer paper of the transfer paper is printed in the case of multi-color, the color registration is very accurate. There will be no adverse situations such as bias. In the case of a small amount of fabric, the thermal transfer ribbon lanyards has no price advantage because of the high cost of the board. 


However, in the case of mass production, because of the machine printing, the gap will be widened in terms of price and production time.

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