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What's the trends of calender heat transfer machine for sublimation transfer?

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What's the trends of calender heat transfer machine for sublimation transfer?

Heat transfer has been used in textile fabric for many years, and it show a great increasing with the development of technology. 


The products produced by sublimation heat transfer, can be used for long time, no shape change. And the cost of sublimation heat transfer decreased, which made this market be bigger.

Sublimation transfer printing is a whole process, with the sublimation products demands increasing, will make sublimation printer, sublimation ink, sublimation paper, calender heat transfer machine, laser cutting machine be in higher quantities. 

Now we talk something for the calender heat transfer machine trends in future. 

Firstly, the heat transfer machine produced in China mainly in 1.2m, 1.7m, 2m wide, and the drum diameter is 20cm, 42cm, 60cm. 170cm x42cm this machine is highly accepted by clients in the world. And people use this machine to make fashions, sportswear, and other products. 


Secondly, environment protection be always the action, there are many printing and dying will stopped production, then the sublimation transfer printing will instead. Because of this, which push the sublimation printing quantities increasing again. 

Thirdly, we known that there are many industrial printer appear in the sublimation printing, and the brand of Epson, Mimaki always have the increasing of their inkjet printer for textile, even though they are getting into advertisement industry. But we never hear that their is big industrial calender appear to solve the transferring speed efficiency. Therefore, people no choice, only can choose increasing the quantity of their current calender heat transfer machines. 


Maybe there will show a extreme calender machine can increase the efficiency of sublimation transfer, but now people find a solution to get the higher efficiency. 

Make the drum bigger and the width wider. Like drum at 80cm, and the width be at 320cm. 

And now there are still many clients do soft signage use 320cm wide calenders. Which made the heat transfer machine in max 320cm wide. 

And, in the Europe expo, we still find there appear 5m wide heat transfer machine. 

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