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Does your father a football fan? A gift to Father's Day 2018

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Keywords: FIFA world cup, Father's Day 2018, Jersey, Uniforms, Sportswear


Does your father a football fan? Father's Day 2018 is coming and FIFA world cup strating.

If you don't have time to see the match together with your father, you may give a gift to your father, a jersey which printeted his favourite football palyer and you watch match on TV go fighting together.


In the first game, the host has defeated Saudi Arabia with five goals, creating the biggest difference in the opening game history.

At 22:30 on June 14th, Beijing time, the opening ceremony of the Russian World Cup was staged at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, which meant that the four-year football feast officially kicked off. After the opening ceremony, Beijing at 23 o'clock, the opening game of the World Cup was also started here.


In the 11th minute, Gasinski scored the first goal of the World Cup. This is the first time that the Russian team has shot in the game. It is also since 2006 that the host has scored the first goal in the opener again after a lapse of 12 years.

Since then, Russia has scored four goals and eventually defeated Saudi Arabia 5-0. The hosts have made a good start at this tournament. It is worth mentioning that the five-ball difference has created the biggest difference in the history of the World Cup opener, breaking the 1950 Brazil World Cup opener Brazil's four-goal victory over Mexico.

How to make the unique jersey for your father in this special day

I have written the article to discribe how does the unique custom jersey make, here is the link, 

How does the FIFA World Cup 2018 uniforms make?


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