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How do we use tacky sublimation paper well?

How do we use tacky sublimation paper well?

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There are many clients ask for us how to use tacky sublimation paper well. Here as a paper manufacturer, we can give you some answer to you. 

We all know sticky sublimation paper is mainly used for spendex fabric, which can stick with fabric to anti ghosting. The main factor is the stickness of the paper. 

There is a big problem of the paper is paper curl. Many of clients meet this problem before. Sticky sublimation paper coating is special, and for the thicker paper, the coating is thicker than the normal sublimation paper. This thicker coating made the tension of paper 2 sides are different caused the curl easily. 

sticky sublimation paper (4).JPG

For this point, as a factory, we always make test on the base paper tension at first, then make coating. For the first coated paper, we'll make test. 

Another factor is the tacky paper coating easy absord moisture, this feature will caused the paper become soft and easy touch print head when make deep color printing. 

In this condition, we always ask you to control the moisture in the printing room. 

Sticky sublimation paper normally in 45-55% is fine. 

sticky sublimation paper (6).JPG

And, you may also say why my sticky sublimation paper not sticky? 

sticky sublimation paper (1).JPG

There are some points for your referance. 

  1. Please check if your paper are sealed and be in carton well, not get any moisture.

  2. Check if your heat press machine can support the heavy pressure. 

  3. Check if your paper is high sticky sublimation paper if you use lycra fabrics. 

sticky sublimation paper (7).JPG

But, there are some people also say, my sticky sublimation paper is too sticky, caused the fabric out of shape. In this condition, please adjust the pressure at first. 

sticky sublimation paper (5).JPG

If you have any questions of the sticky sublimation paper, you can ask for us. 

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