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Why does sticky sublimation paper not sticky, curl??

Why does sticky sublimation paper not sticky and curl??

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More and more paper like sports, and the demands of sportswear increasing daily, specially the custom sportswear. And the FIFA World Cup 2018 will will start soon, this demands will be in higher demands.

But recently, there are many clients ask us the sticky sublimation paper. They feedback their paper appear 2 problems. 

  1. Paper get curl when make prints, specially on the Epson 44'' wide printer

  2. Not sticky, cuased the ghosting.

Well, it's big problems if you meet these 2 problems.

Firstly, we know the printhead is the most important role in sublimation printing, a printhead is very expensive if replaced, and sometime the printhead no stock can be offered. 

In this condition, the paper need to be kept smooth when printing, not touch your print head. All people like the paper can be like below photo.

epson sublimation paper.JPG


From the photo, we can see the paper keep smooth, even on Epson F6280/F6200 sublimation printer, you know there is no press at the paper edge on this printer. This paper is very great paper. 

Be careful for your printer if you meet the paper like below, it will damage your print head.


Secondly, the paper stickyness. We all know why we spend higher price to buy sticky sublimation paper. The main factor is help us solve the ghosting problem. 

You can read the photo as below for anti ghosting.



700 (13).JPG

From the photo we can see the paper is sticky with the fabric, the small word is accurate transferred onto the fabric, no any ghosting.

Then, the questions come out, why the sticky sublimation paper not stciky, how to solve this problem??

Option1, if your fabric accept, adjust your pressure, strength the pressure to check if can be sticky.

Option2, change the new paper. 

Hanrun Paper can offer you high sticky sublimation paper in smooth printing. On Epson printer also keeping smooth when make prints.


We are TOP factory in China for sublimation paper since 2009. Our customer from USA, Europe, South America, South Asia. Our clients like our paper well. 

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