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How does the FIFA World Cup 2018 uniforms make?

How does the FIFA World Cup 2018 uniforms make?

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2018 FIFA World Cup will only 8 days start. 

First of all, let's take a look at which brands sponsored the jerseys for the 32 teams of the 2018 World Cup.

A total of nine sports brands are involved. Adidas sponsors 12 teams, which is the most. Followed by Nike, sponsored 10 teams.

New Balance, Hummer, Umbro all sponsored two teams. Erre¨¤, Hummel, Romai, and Uhlsport each sponsored a team.



Yes, blue and white shirt! The difference from the past is that the frontal blue stripes are thicker and only three. The blue stripe also adds a whitening effect similar to the old one.


Do you know how does the image onto the shirt? 


This production method called sublimation printing transfer. This productionn method is widely used for sportswear making.

  1. Sublimation football wear

  2. Sublimation basketball wear

  3. Sublimation baseball wear

  4. Sublimation cycling wear

  5. Sublimation jersry

  6. Custom uniforms

  7. Firstly, you need to know what equipment in this production.

  8. Sublimation Printer

  9. Sublimation Ink

  10. Sublimation Paper

  11. Calenders heat press machine

  12. Calenders protection tissue paper

  13. Laser cutting machine

  14. Sewing machine

  15. Computor

  16. RIP software

Secondly, we send the design by RIP from computer to Printer.

RIP mainly are Maintop, Wasatch, Onyx, etc.

Then, we make sublimation printing onto sublimation paper.

Sportswear fabric normally is made by polyester with lycra. The fabric is elastic type, when meet the heat and press, the fabric will shrink. So normally we use sticky sublimation paper to fix the fabric when heat them to get the high quality outcomes.

Then we use the sublimation calenders heat press machine transfer to get the image onto fabric, let's look the process

Let's look the design has been onto the fabric exactly. The color is very vibrant, and the words on the fabric is very excellent.

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Last, customers will use laser cutting machine cut out the piece from the fabric and make sewing.

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