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What's the difference between EVO sublimation paper and India made sublimation paper??

Today we get india made paper from our customers. And make some test compared with our paper and someother paper.

Below is the testing feedback.

Contrast sample

1. India made sublimation paper 95gsm

2. Hanrun Paper EVO sublimation paper 90gsm

3. Other sublimation paper 65gsm (India local China supply)

Printing condition

1. Printer: Mimaki JV33-160

2. Sublimation ink: High quality OEM brand sublimation ink

3. Ink load: 200%

4. Humidity: 50%

Transfer condition

1. Transfer time: 30seconds

2. Transfer temperature: 210seconds

3. There is no big difference on the printing result.


Testing result

India made sublimation paper, weight 95gsm, the outlook very white, but there are some dots on the paper surface, like the photo below


The transfer result is accepted for some of clients and have requirements for designs. The color on the fabric not bright enough compared. And we still can find the dots on the transferred paper even we cant find any dots on the fabric. But we cant be sure the transfer result will be good if the paper be thin or the lower ink loading.

sublimation paper (7).JPG

Hanrun paper, the transfer result on the fabric is very bright. Only one problem is there some ink remain on the transferred paper. But for this problem, we can use less sublimation ink getting same transfer result, will save many sublimation inks.  


Other sublimation paper, the transfer result is accepted, but the design color is not bright enough. And the worse is the ink drop into paper back side after transfer, that means we must use calender protection paper when do sublimation transfer.sublimation paper (6).JPG

Below photo show the details of the ink drop into paper back side. If not use protection paper, will make dirty on your belt.


Three paper comparison

From the transfer rate: Hanrun Paper is higher than india paper and other paper. Look at below photo.





Hanrun Paper is the best paper among testing result. Hanrun Paper can save more sublimation ink, and have highest transfer result even printing deep color.

India made sublimation paper can be used and other sublimation paper can be used, but the transfer result is not good enough, if the design need deep color, these two papers not good choice, and may need more sublimation ink. And also need calender protection paper when do sublimation transfer, if do textile, extra spends.

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