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Mimaki JV33 160 printer 90% new

90% new

Compatible with high resolution and high speed. Newly developed high-speed print head.

Create ultra-high resolution print Piezo inkjet system

4-color mode realizes non-grainy finish Variable dot technology

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Hanrun® Paper Industrial Co., Ltd

Manufacturer of inkjet dye Sublimation Paper since 2009

Sublimation printing solution supplier

We have our own dry sublimation printer factory. High tech enterprises of the factory self R & D, production and sales, R & D advertising dye sub printer assembly and sublimation printer parts company, R & D team and independent core technology, to establish a sales website and customer service,can provide quality service to customers to answer doubts, technology and high-quality professional services is the biggest characteristic of us.


We are a sublimation printing solution supplier. We have sublimation transfer paper,sublimation ink,sublimation printer,sublimation printer spare parts, heat transfer vinyl, calender heat press machine, t shirt heat press machine. Pay more attention to us and you can know more.

Mimaki JV33 160 sublimation printer, 90% new

Overcoming the previously held misconceptions about solvent inkjet printers, the JV3 series has achieved enormous popularity ever since its release. Following in the footsteps of this revolutionary machine, the JV33 series was created. In addition to various enhancements which bring out a high quality print of 1,440 dpi, the new JV33 series has increased print speed. With it's compact design and affordable price, the JV33 series is an attractive option for any shop. Mimaki's flagship product has established high standards which set it apart from the competition.

MIMAKI JV33 160_副本.png


  • Unique inkjet technology makes ultra-high resolution and high-speed printing possible.

  • Compatible with high resolution and high speed. Newly developed high-speed print head.

  • Creative inkjet technology and high quality ink provides ultra-high resolution printing.

  • Create ultra-high resolution print Piezo inkjet system.

  • 4-color mode realizes non-grainy finish Variable dot technology.

  • Ink performance is improved Triple stage intelligent heater

  • Stable print quality Head height adjustment

  • Automatic ink cartridge switching allows for longer print runs UISS (Uninterrupted Ink Supply System)

90% new Mimaki jv33 160 photo



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We also offer 1.8m wide three 5113 sublimation printer, 1.8m wide four 5113 sublimation printer, 3.2m wide dual DX5 sublimation printer, 3.2m three 5113 sublimation printer. 

Sublimation ink also can be offered. Kiian, J next, Epson original sublimation ink for Surecolor F series printer, Mimaki SB54, SB53, SB411, SB410, Inktec Sublinova Smart, Inktec Sublinova Rapid, Inktec Sublinova Sure, Kisco Papijet sublimation ink.


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