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How to get better printing result on Epson SureColor F9300/ F9370 printer? Media Promotion

High-speed, reliable productivity for digital dye-sublimation transfers

Epson SureColor Sublimation Paper

How to get better printing result on 

Epson Surecolor F9300/ F9370 Dye sublimation inkjet printer?

Epson promote his new printer of Epson SureColor F9370 Dye-sublimation Inkjet Printer, which is High-speed, reliable productivity for digital dye-sublimation transfers.


The features of this printer.

1. Breakthrough productivity ! dual printheads deliver industrial-level, roll-to-roll performance at speeds up to 1,169 square feet/hour1 

2. Brilliant image quality ! UltraChrome DS Ink Technology with High-Density Black ink produces exceptional color saturation and high contrast

3. True roll-to-roll support ! high-accuracy take-up reel supports efficient calendar heat press transfer 

4. Turnkey solution, fully supported by Epson ! includes Wasatch SoftRIP TX and ICC profiles, for use with optimized Epson DS Transfer Papers

5. Predictable, reliable performance ! advanced auto paper-tension control and the fabric head wiper enable simple, continuous production 

6. More ink means less downtime ! high-capacity ink tanks hold up to 3 L per color, for longer print runs without user intervention

7. Epson Control Dashboard ! remotely run cleanings, check ink levels, update firmware and download new media profiles from your computer 

8. Exclusive Epson Rewards program available ! accumulate points with every consumable purchase for discounts on extended service coverage; visit for more information

All people know Epson printer is high grade dye sublimation printer, which have great printing outcome, specially with his own UltraChrome DS Ink. 

But there is a issue for some guys who want to buy paper media from China. We all know the paper offered by Epsonself can be kept very smooth and high transfer yied. 

Here we show some photos of the printer.


The paper at the edge kept very smooth, no any curl beseide the pressure-label. This means the paper media show be in very smooth situation and the paper edge very neat. 

We know the cutting technology is an important point to know the paper factory. Here we show the paper in slitting. 


Let's look one of clients paper in production-slitting, you can know the edge have good cutting, the rewinding is very good and neat. 


Another point is the printing result. From the photo, show the paper make printing on F9370, the color show very vibrant. Let imaging the result on fabric must be very wonderful. 



Why Epson have so high level printing reslut. Because the EPSON has his own UltraChrome DS Ink. We all know when Epson sell you his Epson printer, he ask you use his own sublimation ink, otherwise he will not guarantee your print head. 

Obviously, use original Epson sublimation ink UltraChrome DS Ink can add many points on your prints. The color is very good. 



The last point is the transfer yied on the fabric. 

Obviously, it's the Epson ink's, paper contribution. 


We can offer one-time chips for Epson sublimation ink. Always in stock.

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