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Sublimation Printing Solution for Mimaki Tiger-1800B

Belt-Type Direct-to-Textile Inkjet Printer High-Speed Range Model "Tiger-1800B"

Maximum print speed: 385 m2/h

Inkjet Printer High-Speed Range Model "Tiger-1800B"

Sublimation Printer trends-Mimaki has it's own industrial printer for digital textile.

mimaki tiger-001.jpg

1. Exceptional print speed

Tiger-1800B features 16 printheads arranged in two staggered lines (each line has 8 printheads). 

It achieves maximum print speeds of up to 385 m2/h (*) in high-speed mode.

Textile width: 1850 mm


Look the printing speed


2. Stable and reliable mechanism secures high-speed printing


Textile transport security is achieved by the twin pressure roller shafts attached to the edge of the transportation belt. Textiles are uniformly applied without wrinkling onto the belt through the upper and lower rollers (Fig. 1), assuring stable textile transportation. Furthermore, the wrinkle and jam sensors detect textile wrinkling or creasing early in order to minimize potential damage to the printheads from collisions with raised or jammed textiles.

3. Extensive optional units for accommodating various applications


Rolled textile feeding unit

This unit is used for feeding rolled textiles and is equipped with a centering system and tension bars


Jumbo roll feeding unit

This unit is used for feeding large-sized, long-rolled media.

4. Large-sized ink tank (10 kg) ensures cost-effective print operation


The bulk ink supply delivers cost-effective printing and enables long-hour printing. Furthermore, the printer monitors the ink level using a laser sensor and displays an alert on the operation panel when the ink level is low.

Many of people use this machine for sublimation printing on transfer paper. 

Hanrun Paper is a professional sublimation paper manufacturer in China since 2009. We have been in this area long time. 

We have many clients in USA, Europe, South Asia use our industrial light sublimation paper for their MS printers. 

  MIMAKI TIGER-1803.JPG 658403321788537156.jpg

Industrial light sublimation paper jumbo roll for industrial printer, MS JP4, MS JP7, Durst printer, EFI Reggiani sublimation printer. 

The paper weight is 45gsm, 50gsm, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 100gsm.

The length is 1000m roll, 2000m, 3000m, 4000m, max 5000m length.

Hanrun Paper is a professional sublimation printing and sublimation transfer solution supplier. 

Sublimation Paper manufacturer since 2009, we are top factory in China. 

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