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How to get better results on fabric double sides when you heat press?

Pneumatic heat press machine

How to get better results on fabric double sides when you heat press?

In the thermal transfer of fabrics, it is common to encounter patterns on both sides of the fabric, such as flags, banners, etc. 

Since the fabrics are somewhat translucent, it is very important to align them. 

Note that the following aspects will print out our satisfactory results.

Use plate type heat transfer printing machine


1) Use a digital printer with good control accuracy (very small vertical and horizontal errors), get the high quality prints.

Epson F7280 (3)-001.JPG

2) Print out the selected image (must be aligned in the four corners and in the middle), then mirror this image to print out the original size of the image.

3) Put the two pictures together and align them with the registration line from the glass table under the lamp. After alignment, you can see that the two pictures are completely overlapped (aligned within the error range acceptable to the end user), and then use The double-sided tape glues one side of the two pictures so that the two pictures do not shift after they are aligned.


4) Clip the cloth to be transferred between the two sheets of paper

5) Transfer to a flatbed print to get the same pattern on both sides.


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