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Let's see the Fespa Globle Print

-the largest international wide format event

-encompassing screen

-digital and textile print

FESPA is the European Association for Advertising and Screen Printing. The association has been holding exhibitions since 1963 and has more than 40 years of history. 


The rapid development of the digital printing industry and the rise of the relevant advertising video market have prompted the industry's producers to display their goods and services on the world stage and attract new technologies from them. This is why FESPA is hosting a major exhibition in the European region. 

The industry covers a wide range of industries including digital inkjet, logos, images, screen printing, and textiles. FESPA Europe is the European tour exhibition. 

It is currently the most influential and largest advertising exhibition in Europe. The main exhibition countries are Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. In addition to European exhibitions, FESPA currently has exhibitions in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and the Asia-Pacific region each year. 

The exhibition has global influence. Due to the professionalism and large-scale publicity of FESPA's own exhibition, FESPA has attracted more and more professional exhibitors and exhibitors, which has greatly improved the effectiveness of the exhibition.

1. What's the time of the expo?

15th-18th May

2. What's address of the expo?

Berlin, Germany

3. Scale of the expo?


4. Exhibits range

Indoor and outdoor advertising equipment: digital inkjet equipment, engraving machine equipment, cutting machine equipment, pressure g production equipment, image photo equipment, equipment, plastic packaging equipment, three side turn equipment, advertising equipment and spare parts

Advertising consumables and materials: inkjet photo media, all types of ink products, reflective materials, all kinds of plates, PS plate, plate making equipment, plate making materials, photographic film and kits, dusting, transmission equipment and various blade, cutter, inkjet ink , ink cartridges, ink jet paper

Advertising photography, film and television advertising production technology: signage production, labeling production materials and processing, display racks, indoor and outdoor advertising engineering production, light box neon products, camera equipment, printing systems, film, film and television advertising photography and post-production technology equipment, digital Special effects, subtitle synthesis system, radio and television equipment, LED / giant electronic display, large screen TV system.



 Hanrun Paper attending the Fespa Berlin expo show.

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