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New product-water transfer paper

No need to spray water transfer paper

Tomorrow will be a rest. Today we recommend a new product --water transfer paper. A transfer paper that can be separated into the water bottom film without the use of oil injection. And our family's other transfer paper is still loved by everyone, have to buy sublimation  paper, heat press machines, and so on.


Ultra-transparent film ensures natural/beautiful appearance after the transfer of the pattern and the embryonic body. The color is bright and the color saturation is high. The color change rate is up to 5760dpi. The printing quick-drying design greatly improves the work efficiency; The adhesion is strong. High strength; 15 seconds into the water to complete the automatic separation, film integrity, not broken, no deformation, good elasticity。

Water transfer paper has a variety of uses: mugs, crystals, cell phone cases, plates, tattoos, etc., as well as spherical products can be printed with water transfer paper.



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