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Large Format Sublimation Paper

An introduction to the effect of large paper

Large format paper - a 2 meter ~3 meter of sublimation paper. Last week, I would like to give you a brief introduction of the large format paper. Today we will introduce the application of large format paper in several aspects. If  friend feels that the introduction is incomplete, you can leave a message for us, and we will add it.

lager format paper2.jpg

1.Window curtains

The use of curtains is very common. Do not say that every household uses it, or at least 80%~90% people are using it; others use window paper. There are not many styles of curtains, so patterns are very important. The pattern of the curtain is transferred by thermal transfer printing, so large format paper is needed. Because if you use small format paper, width is not enough, need to splice, the finished pattern may break, affect beautiful.

large format paper2_.jpg


Tablecloth is indispensable to many families. It reflects the pursuit and taste of living environment. The materials and patterns of tablecloths are also important factors affecting people's choice. If we use large format paper, the pattern of tablecloth will not break under normal circumstances, and it is simple and convenient to operate. Large format paper is the first choice for people.

large format paper_.jpg


In the street, we often see advertisements banners, which are printed on large format sheets. The large format paper transfer content is brightly colored, which is the choice of many advertisers.


Many of the common things in life are transferred through large format paper. If you are interested in large format paper, you can leave a message in our product. Our salesman will contact you. Of course, we have many products, such as EPSON F sublimation paper, sticky sublimation paper,sublimation protective paper, EPSON ink, Mimaki ink, sublimation printer and so on.

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