EVO® Dye Sublimation Paper


EVO 80gsm Sublimation Paper

-Fast Dry Speed

-Keep smooth Epson printer

-Smooth Surface

-Anti Curl

-High/Even Transfer Rate

Focus on sublimation transfer paper for ten years

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Hanrun® Paper Industrial Co., Ltd

TOP sublimation paper manufacturers since 2009

PROFESSIONAL sublimation transfer printing one stop solution supplier

Hanrun Paper is a coating factory with our own R&D division, 3 coating lines for normally production daily, coating speed for 180m/day, max coating large format 3.2m wide. Now, Hanrun Paper be a one stop solution for digital sublimation printing supplier. Sublimation Paper, Sublimation ink, Sublimation printer, Sublimation protective paper, Heat press machine, laser cutting machine offered!


80gsm  Sublimation Paper

80gsm EVO sublimation transfer paper mainly used for full sublimation printing in sublimation textile printing. It printed well on Mimaki, Roland, Dgen, DGI, Mutoh, Grando, Allwin printer, etc. This paper have great adaptation with sublimation ink like inktec ink, epson ink, kiian ink, mimakiusa ink, sensient, J-teck, papijet sublimation inkjet ink


  • Smooth surface

  • Keep smooth printing

  • Fast drying

  • High transfer rate

  • Bright color on fabric

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Customized width & length are available 细节包装.jpg

We do large printing on EPSON ,MIMAKI,MUTON,ROLAND


Transfer result on fabric


Tips for sublimation paper rolls

  1. 1. How to distinguish texprint sublimation paper print side when you make digital printing?

  2. A: Normally roll paper sublimation outside is print side. You can also use litter water to distinguish the print side. Sublimation paper coating layer felt sticky and adhesive.

  3. 2. How to storage your paper sublimation?

  4. A: Sublimation paper rolls need be sealed, and the storage temperature around 10-30centigrade, humidity around 45-55%.

  5. 3. How long for sublimation paper use life?

  6. A: Normal sublimation transfer paper rolls can be used for 1 year. Sticky sublimation paper can be used for 8months

  7. 4. How to keep sublimation paper keep smooth not touch your print head?

  8. A: Make printing room humidity around 45-55%, use good quality sublimation paper when make sublimation textile printing.

  9. 5. How to avoid immigration when make sublimation transfer?

  10. A: Sticky sublimation paper be better choice, tacky sublimation paper can anti ghosting when heat press.

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