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What is laser cutting machine, can cut your sublimated fabric?

Laser cutting machine will increase 5times of your working efficiency. 

It mainly widely used in sublimatited sportswear, apparel, toys, etc.

Do you know laser cutting machine can be used for cutting your sublimated fabric piece out?

What is laser cutting machine in sublimation transferring?

sportswear laser cutting machine (3).jpg

Laser cutting machine also called vision laser cutting machine. 

Specially aiming to fast and precise positioning and automatic cutting for mesh fabrics, knitting vamp and printing fabric shoe uppers. Utilize the high precision laser cutting machine to achieve image capture and automatic matching.

The deviation generated during processing can be promptly corrected by remotely adjusting software. For the products that need manual positioning cutting, this system realizes fast and precise processing.

What kind of clients consider invest a laser cutting machine?

Many of clients buy laser cutter for sublimation for their

  1. Used for digital textile. like sublimated sportswear, sublimated shirts, sublimation clothing

laser cutting machine for sportswear.JPG

laser cutting machine for sublimation.JPG

2. People who make toys will use this laser cutter.

laser cutter for sublimation.JPG

laser cutter sublimation.JPG

What is advantages of this machine?

1This machine work efficiency is same as 5 workers working efficiency.The most important is this machine will cut very accurate of the fabric.

2You do not need too much time and energeny to manage your staff.

sportswear laser cutting machine (2).jpg

Laser cutting machine will be very hot.We are professional factory for this machine.

sportswear laser cutting machine (1).JPG

sportswear laser cutting machine (4).jpg

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