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3.2m Laser Cutting Machine - Super Large Format Cutting Machine

-Fast and easy

-Water-cooled cooling

-Import service system

-professional controlling software

-Hermetic and detached CO2 laser tube

The new week began. We also brought a new product this week - the 3.2m laser cutting machine. It can be completed quickly with a large-format scan, greatly improving work efficiency and overturning the traditional Processing mode. Of course, we not only have a 3.2-meter cutting machine, we also have a single laser head vision laser cut machine , a double-head cutting machine, and we also have a variety of subliamtion transfer machines, heat press machine, and a variety of sublimation papers, sublimation inks, we Can provide a full set of equipment. Let's take a look at this large format laser cutter.


Product Specification




It applies to large, long materials such as flags, canvas boats, tents, oil paintings, sportswear, etc.

All of our has been sold, click the picture, you can enter the purchase,

We have an exhibition in FESPA Global Print Expo in Berlin in May,Booth:B36.


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