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3.2m Laser Cutting Machine - Super Large Format Cutting Machine

-Fast and easy

-Water-cooled cooling

-Import service system

-professional controlling software

-Hermetic and detached CO2 laser tube

The new week began. We also brought a new product this week - the 3.2m laser cutting machine. It can be completed quickly with a large-format scan, greatly improving work efficiency and overturning the traditional Processing mode. Of course, we not only have a 3.2-meter cutting machine, we also have a single laser head vision laser cut machine , a double-head cutting machine, and we also have a variety of subliamtion transfer machines, heat press machine, and a variety of sublimation papers, sublimation inks, we Can provide a full set of equipment. Let's take a look at this large format laser cutter.


Product Specification




It applies to large, long materials such as flags, canvas boats, tents, oil paintings, sportswear, etc.

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