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Why choose sublimation transfer paper?

This article simply introduces the production of sublimation paper, performance

Heat transfer paper is a heat transfer printing paper, it is the role of the carrier in the transfer process of the pattern.Dye sublimation paper raw materials for Chemical General softwood pulp papermaking, sometimes a certain proportion of hardwood pulp, raw material after pulping, papermaking and pulping, pressing, drying and coating made of sublimation transfer paper.


The sublimation paper has good anti roll and high transfer rate.Good anti roll resistance and high transfer rate can ensure that no spray head, virtual edge and uneven color appear during the transfer process.For instance,Epson F Sublimation Paper,it has these properties.


Heat transfer through the printer prints the image on the hot transfer paper, eliminating the trouble of pattern plate, can be obtained by making computer or scanner, convenient, accurate and easy to adjust, and the transfer pattern of clear and vivid image, not easy to fade, long service life, more and more popular

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