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New machine--1.2m width roller heat transfer machine

Size: 1.2m width

Machine: Roller heat transfer machine


--Less space

--Wide application

--Low cost

Today, we bring you a rookie product, which is very hot in the market recently. Our company also gives you a grand introduction. Let's take a look at the true face of this product.

Roller heat transfer machine,Unlike other Rotary transfer machines, its small size is very popular with customers.

1.2m Width Roller Heat Transfer Machine


Technical Parameter:



--The blankets are imported DuPont raw materials. Shanghai is a joint venture with a thickness of 10mm. It has good transfer effect and long service life.

--The 100% roller drum round seamless pipe, precision machining, cylindrical roller precision grinder, ensure each roller thickness line, drum cylindrical Teflon plating, to ensure uniform temperature transfer, no color.

--The main wall board (electric box) is made of 10mm thick steel steel plate to make.CNC wire cutting with high precision.

--Less space

--Wide application

--Low cost

Product Details:


The rotary transfer machine three sets the function of two, suitable for proofing and small batch production.

Our Factory Strength:


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