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Do you really the difference between the print ink and sublimation ink?

Different coloring principles of printing are different.

One is the pigment, the other is the dye.

The difference is that the principle of the printing is the internal composition of the ink is different! The ink is divided into two kinds. One is the pigment, the other is the dye!

 Heat transfer is the use of pigment! The coloring principle of the pigment is based on a synthetic resin that produces a solid film, and is fixed on the surface of the fabric. To print personalized T-shirt as an example, we want to use a special T-shirt transfer paper, because cotton fiber itself does not absorb color. On the image surface of the transfer paper, there is a layer of glue, and the surface has a coating that absorbs ink so that it can print out a clear image. At the time of transfer, jelly high temperature hand absorption color, and infiltration into the fiber gap cloth, and then the fiber surface and strong adhesion.

Dye sublimation ink belongs to, is the sublimation ink transfer principle, and the fabric reacts after a printing principle due to sublimation; does not change the surface structure of the fabric, so after sublimation products, senses and feel good! So the heat transfer printing area: feeling a little harder. If it is sublimation printing, there is no obvious difference of hardness of the part of printing and non printing parts!


Finally, cotton garment printing, selection of pigments, polyester material and personalized products (such as metal plate, mouse pad, etc.) to choose the dye!

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