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The smoothness of sublimation paper heat transfer

The influence on your sublimation transfer machince

It's very important to your choice.

Heat transfer can be divided into flat transfer machine and Multi-function sublimation machine. However, whether flat transfer machine or Multi-function sublimation machine requires the ink jet heat transfer paper to be heated, the heat level performance of the heat transfer paper depends on the coating formulation and coating process equipment. testing thermal transfer paper thermal buckling performance of simple ways to slice the 25 * 25 cm of thermal transfer paper, print and face down on the heats up to 210 degrees flat pyrograph machine, 2 minutes after the buckling height less than 5 cm generally does not affect the transfer printing production.


And some immature sublimation transfer paper even heat warped into a barrel shape, such sublimation transfer paper in the heat transfer of the trouble, the rate of decline.

Warping large heat transfer paper will also warp when printing in the dry environment, heat transfer paper can be 1-2 hair cheaper, but it can lead to short life and loss of fabric scrap.

In order to improve the smoothness of thermal transfer, can put the printed roll set dry day after transfer printing, thermal transfer paper makes thermal transfer paper, stiffness of the healing and smooth so that the heat transfer and the transfer rate increase.


More hot sublimation transfer paper problem, long-term concern, bring you more digital printing transfer related knowledge and skills.

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