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What’s the difference between sublimation paper and normal paper ?

There are many people inquiry whether normal paper can be used for 

sublimation printing ? 

what's the difference between normal paper with sublimation paper .

Sublimation paper have special coating on surface . The coating can make sure ink have good acceptance of sublimation ink . Meanwhile it can make sure that the ink won’t permeate into paper . If the ink permeate into paper, it will waste much of ink. Furthermore , the coating can increase transfer rate .


 涂布机 (1).JPG

涂布机 (3).JPG

The body paper of sublimation paper are very special. It have good flexibility and anti-curve feature. It can guarantee the paper won’t touch the print head when ink print on the paper .


Normal paper have no coating on the surface. It will waste your much ink . And the flexibility of paper is poor. If you ink print on the normal paper, it will damage your print head.

Furthermore,sublimation paper have a high transfer rate,this is what normal paper don't have.


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