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Why sticky sublimation paper dry slower than regular paper ?

This ghosting problem has been commonly seen in the daily use of sticky sublimation paper by many people.

The sticky/tacky sublimation paper dries slower than regular sublimation transfer paper, even though the sticky paper is quick-dry type as well. This doesn’t mean the sticky paper has quality problem, it is actually related with the tackified coating itself.


The tackified sublimation coating, is mostly made up of high molecular polymer, this type of material is water-based, different with the regular paper, which doesn’t have water-based high polymer in the coating, so the drying time of sticky paper will be longer than the regular ones. What’s more, the tacky is inverse correlation with the drying time. In other words, the higher tackiness is, the slower the paper dries. So for sticky sublimation paper, the “sticky” is not the more the better, but should be just appropriate.


The tackiness of the sticky paper is different from factory to factory. Some factories produce the very high tacky paper, because they only focus on the tackiness of the tacky paper, after all, the tackiness is the only difference from regular sublimation transfer paper, and clients pay more attention on the tackiness as well. In this way, both of them ignore the drying speed of the tacky paper, which is super important as well.



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