Double Station Heat Press Machine


Pneumatic double station heat press machine 8A-1

-Adjustable pneumatic pressure

-Electronic digital display

-Save labor

-High transfer speed



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Pneumatic double station heat press machine 8A-1

Using heat transfer machine is a cost-effective,environmentally friendly and durable way to transfer images on textile products.We also have t shirt press machine factories. We are directly selling factories, and they are most satisfied with the heat press machine for sale price in the same industry. Our machine quality has been leading, advanced technology level and advanced management technology are worthy of your trust.


Technical parameters


  • Pneumatic double station heat press machine with a changeable pressure device for adjusting pressure from 0-8kg/c㎡.

  • Employ double-side and push-pull worktable to save labor and for high transfer speed.

  • This machine has a large worktable that can transfer large images to table cloths,dress, umbrellas etc.

Details of the machine

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